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As your local Herff Jones Representatives, we are proud to be the supplier of your official High School Class Ring.  Herff Jones Class Rings offer great value and affordability, superior quality and craftsmanship, and unparalleled warranty/insurance coverage.

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Class Ring FAQ

How do I order my High School Class Ring?

Typically, class rings are ordered during your Sophomore year of High School.  We will be at your school to conduct a class meeting/presentation.   At that time we will announce the order dates and pass out packets with ordering information. A Herff Jones professional will gladly assist you with finger sizing and any other questions regarding class rings at the ordering table.  Rings typically take 7-8 weeks from the last in school order day to manufacture.

How much money do I need to order my ring?

You only need to pay a small deposit to place your order.  This "down-payment" is money that goes towards your purchase price and gets the ring started in manufacturing.  For 10k gold rings the deposit is $80.  For non-gold rings, the deposit is $60.  We accept cash, credit/debit cards, checks* and money orders for deposits.  There is a $25 Returned Check Fee added to any bad checks we receive.

Why should I order a Class Ring?

High School is a milestone in your lifetime.  Like your yearbook, Letterman's jacket, etc. a class ring represents your memories, friends, and accomplishments.   A class ring shows a commitment to your school and your dedication to work towards graduation.

Why should I order my Class Ring through Herff Jones?

As the official supplier of class rings to your school, ordering from Herff Jones with your class saves you time and money. In addition, you are assured of the finest quality class ring with an unequaled warranty. Class rings and senior products are our only business. We depend on satisfied customers year after year. We are local, always available to assist you, and offer the most options in the industry.

How much do Class Rings Cost?

The price of your class ring will depend on several factors including the style of the ring and the metal that it is made of.  Herff Jones offers the widest variety of prices and options. We are sure to have a ring to fit any budget.

How do I make payments on my ring?

You have several options for making payments.  Our payment plans are flexible and interest free.  You may chose the option which is most convenient for you.  Most people will have their ring paid off by the time it has completed production (typically 8 weeks).  You can make payments anytime between ordering your ring and the delivery date.  Please see the Payments webpage for more information and payment instructions.  If the balance is not paid by the in school delivery day, we can hold your ring in our office for a period of 12 months and allow you to make payments on the ring.   Any rings left unpaid or unclaimed after the 12 month period are returned to the plant and scrapped.  Any monies paid toward a scrapped ring are forfeited.

What do I do if my finger size changes?

Part of Herff Jones' unmatched value is its Lifetime Warranty which is included on every class ring.  If you ever need your ring re-sized it will be done for FREE for the lifetime of your ring.

What else does the Lifetime Warranty cover?

The Lifetime Warranty that accompanies your Herff Jones Class ring is potentially the best warranty you will ever get!  It covers any problems which should arrive due to materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the ring.  Also, if you change schools or graduation years, Herff Jones will make you a new ring at No Charge, in exchange for your original ring.  To see the full warranty details please click here: HJ Class Ring Lifetime Warranty.

What if I lose my ring or it gets stolen?

Herff Jones is the only Class Ring company that offers LRP (Lost Ring Program) Coverage.  LRP coverage acts like an insurance policy, protecting you in the case of loss or theft.  This coverage comes standard with every Herff Jones class ring for 6 years at NO additional charge! In the event that your ring is lost or stolen, simply pay your deductible and Herff Jones will remake your ring to the original specifications.  The deducible is based off of your original ring's metal quality according to the current market.  To file a LRP claim click here: HJ LRP Claim.

My ring needs to be re-sized/repaired, what do I do?

Typically, the quickest way to request warranty work on your Herff Jones Class ring is to complete this form - Herff Jones Warranty Form and send your ring directly to our Warranty Center.  The form includes instructions on where and how to return your ring for warranty work. You can also give your ring to WNC Grad or your local Herff Jones representative anytime they are at your school.  Repairs covered under the Lifetime Warranty are Free. Repairs typically take 4-6 weeks and ship directly back to your home address.